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Breast Reduction Surgery: What You Need to Know

The body that you are born with may not be the exact body you dream of. For many women, this includes the potential for breast reduction surgery. While this may not be something that was talked about often just a few years ago, it’s more popular than you’d think!

What is breast reduction surgery?

A breast reduction is as simple as it sounds — how refreshing, huh? The surgeon will will remove extra skin, tissue and fat from your breasts (either one or both) in order to make them smaller overall.

This procedure is done for women who wish to safely reduce their breast size. The reasons can be related to pain or discomfort, or they could be cosmetic. Many women decide on this surgery for reasons in both categories.

Who is a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Many women do consider the option of breast reduction, but not everyone is considered to be a good candidate. Good candidates for this surgery would be those who have any (or all) of the following:

● Daily pain or discomfort in their chest: This pain could be limited to the chest (perhaps, pain from the weight of the breasts themselves most likely felt in the collar bone area), or it could be in the upper back or shoulders. This pain would normally be managed by medication.

● One breast is larger than the other: Some women have one breast that is significantly larger than the other and it causes pain on one side of the body, causing the other side to have to compensate. In many cases this may be significant enough that it’s visible to the eye and is corrected using special bras.

● Other, non-surgical options haven’t helped: Many doctors and specialists will recommend fixes such as a better bra with good support, combined with physical therapy to help strengthen your muscles and possibly weight loss (assuming obesity is a factor). These options are thought to be the first step in all cases (see below) for those who have a large chest causing pain and discomfort.

Does insurance cover breast reduction surgery?

Since many women turn to breast reduction surgery for pain control reasons, they assume that it will be covered under their health insurance policy automatically. However, most insurance policies will not automatically cover it.

In fact, many will require patients to go through the other non-surgical options first (all properly documented) and wait for a certain amount of time before being re-examined by specialists to see if the surgery is still deemed necessary.

This is mostly because breast reduction surgery can be perceived as cosmetic rather than reconstructive or necessary for health reasons (braces are another common example of this). As such, insurance policies won’t cover “cosmetic surgeries” and will require their clients to record and prove to them why the surgery is necessary for their health and general well-being.

If these steps are skipped (including whatever time period they request before another follow-up exam), or you do not meet what they consider to be the parameters for the surgery, you will need to pay for it out of pocket!

If you think that breast reduction surgery is the right call for you, you’ll want to get in touch with your primary care physician as well as your insurance provider and take a look at what options you have available, both in remedial therapies before surgery, and what your insurance provider will need in order to approve and cover the surgery itself when the time comes. This makes sure there are never any nasty surprises!

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