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Need Motivation for Weight-Loss? READ THIS!

Has it been on your mind lately to start losing weight? Maybe you’ve thought of getting a weight loss procedure done to help you along in your weight loss journey? Well, before you take that next step, you need to realize how remarkably your life will change for the better when you start shedding those pounds. When you understand the crazy amount of life-changing benefits awaiting you, it will motivate you on your journey – even in the most challenging times.

You want the best outcome, right? So always keep in mind the many different ways losing weight will boost your medical health as well as your lifestyle in general. Anytime you feel like giving up, remind yourself of all these great benefits and you’ll be fine…

1. Medical Benefits

Whether you want to lose around 30-40 pounds or over 100 pounds, there are different procedures for both scenarios. For the former scenario, the Obalon procedure is the best option. Obalon is a non-surgical weight-loss procedure where small pods are swallowed by the patient then inflated when in the stomach. These inflated “balloons” take up space in the stomach and make the person feel full quicker.

For losing more weight however, there are many other procedures, such as the Gastric sleeve or the Endoscopic sleeve, which work wonders for your look and health. Here are some outcomes of losing weight in terms of your physical health:

• Lower cholesterol levels

• Lower risk of heart disease

• Lower risk of diabetes

• Lower risk of getting certain cancers

• Lower risk of osteoarthritis

• Lower blood pressure

• Better mobility

• Less back pain

• Less joint pain

• Better blood sugar levels

• Lower risk and/or improvement of sleep apnea

• Lower risk of stroke

The Doctors at Brand Surgical Institute can help you out by providing more individualized information what you should expect with your weight loss journey.

2. Lifestyle Benefits

On top of the medical benefits your lifestyle will also be blessed as a result of the weight loss. When you lose weight, you’ll tend to notice a HUGE boost in your confidence, as well as other benefits like:

• Much lower stress

• Improved mood

• Better sex life

• Higher level of energy

• Vitality boost

• Better sleeping schedule

Your Next Step

Remember… Don’t start your weight loss journey because of someone else. Do it for yourself – for your own health and happiness. Sure, your confidence will improve and you may even turn some heads – but keep in mind – this is for your life. If you’re ready to start the journey, then there’s no time like now to get started!

Call Brand Surgical at 818-243-9999 and ask about weight loss options. Then, you can come in for a complimentary consultation with our expert doctors. You won’t be disappointed…