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PROs & CONs of Different Weight Loss Procedures!

Weight loss surgery can help you dramatically. But to know which procedure would be right for you, you have to do some research. At the end of the day, no one will give you better advice than the doctor, however it is definitely a good idea to understand the basics of the different weight loss procedures.

If weight-loss surgery has been on your mind lately and you want to make a huge change to your life, your next step is to make sure you are absolutely, 100% ready.

Is it a Good Option for Me?

The Doctor will check for 2 main things from you:

1.) Have you already tried to lose the weight on your own unsuccessfully?

2.) Do you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 35 or higher?

If you answer yes to these two questions, you will go through a very detailed checkup in order to find out if you are both physically and mentally ready for the procedure as well as the necessary changes you will have to make to your diet and lifestyle.

P.S. You can check your BMI here.

Different kinds of Weight Loss Procedures

So let’s get into it… There are a variety of different procedures. Overall, the main goal of the procedures are to make you feel fuller, quicker so in turn you end up eating less.

Here are some of the procedures offered at Brand Surgical Institute:

1.) Gastric Sleeve The gastric sleeve procedure removes a large portion of your stomach, leaving a banana shaped remnant of your stomach. Since you have less room, you get fuller faster. PROS: Over 60% of people who do this surgery overcome their diabetes and lose about 50% of the extra weight . CONS: This procedure can’t be reversed afterwards and it’s harder for your body to absorb the amount of minerals and vitamins as it did before.

2.) Gastric Balloon Gastric balloons are very simple devices that are placed in the stomach for about 6 months. They take up space so that you don’t eat as much. PROS: It’s a simple, easy, reversible, temporary, and cheaper than actual surgery. Plus, it’s a great option for the people who aren’t qualified for surgery because they don’t meet the BMI requirements. CONS: There have been a couple reports of the balloon deflating in the stomach.

3.) Endoscopic Sleeve The endoscopic sleeve is a revolutionary new weight-loss procedure which reduces the size of your stomach by using an endoscopic suturing device without the need for surgery! PROS: The procedure involves no cutting, no scarring, and it is reversible. CONS: It is a newer procedure and has not been done on many patients.

What about my Insurance?

Insurance often covers weight-loss surgery, since the procedures have been shown to help drastically. Approval usually depends on your coverage plan; some companies require 3-6 months of check-up and tests before surgery and some don’t require any. Submit your information and we can check that out for you.

What do I do after the procedure?

These procedures do not make you magically lose hundreds of pounds. You have to do your part and work out/exercise and eat clean. Our doctors recommend a diet of protein rich foods like beef, chicken, fish, beans, & low-fat cheese. Make sure you get all the vitamins you need, and enjoy some delicious protein shakes as well. Always stay in touch with your doctors and nutritionists.

After losing all that weight, you may have some loose skin so be sure to also inquire about our cosmetic services as well.

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