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The CURE to Droopy, Sagging Eyelids… A Blepharoplasty!!!

Bleph – short for Blepharoplasty – might sound ugly, but it will make you look and feel the exact opposite of ugly! Also known as an Eye Lift, the Bleph is a common procedure that is done in order to improve the appearance of the eyes and overall face.

For most patients, the goal of the Bleph is to stop the appearance of aging… Because the eyelids start looking heavy or droopy, the overall face will look old, tired, and sad. By getting a bleph, your whole look is refreshed. But beauty isn’t the only reason for getting a Bleph. For a lot of patients, they need to get the Bleph in order to see better and improve their sight.

Am I ready for a Blepharoplasty?

The main question patients ask in regards to getting a bleph is: “Is it the right time for me to get this procedure?”

Here’s the simple answer: Age doesn’t decide whether or not it’s the right time. What matters is the condition of the skin and the negative effects it’s having on you! Whether you’re in your 40s, 60s, 80s, 100s (Just kidding, haha!), What really matters is the condition of the skin and if you are emotionally and mentally ready for the beautiful change.

What about Scarring?

It makes perfect sense to wonder about the scarring after a Bleph. “Will people be able to tell?” “Will it look ugly?” “How big will the scars be?”

Don’t Worry!!! When your eyes are open it will be almost impossible to tell. Why? Because the incisions are made where the eyelids naturally crease. It will look natural.

And when your eyes are closed, pretty much the only way someone will be able to tell is if you close your eyes, tell them to look for it, and point it out. Since the eyelid skin is delicate and thin, scarring is very hard to notice. Don’t stress about that one bit!

Blepharoplasty Glendale, Ca

Your eyes don’t have to throw off your whole look, or stop you from seeing as clearly as you should. There is a way out. A Blepharoplasty is an extremely simple and quick (30-60 minutes) procedure that can change your whole outlook on life.

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You won’t regret it.