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Thinking about Getting a Mommy Makeover? Read This First!

One of the most important parts of life is being a mother. However, even though you fall deeply in love with your children, you definitely don’t fall in love with the way your body looks after your precious kids!

Sagging skin, annoying fat, less volume in breasts, separated abdominal muscles… Sounds terrible right? Thankfully, at Brand Surgical Institute, we have the perfect solution – The Mommy Makeover.

The “Mommy Guilt” Phase

Moms always feel like they should put others first. Additionally, most feel like they’ll be shamed for wanting to enhance their beauty. But guess what – These thoughts are just WRONG! Allow me to explain.

I know it can be tough to save up money or get financing for thousands of dollars then go spend it on a surgery rather than using the money on your kids or family. I get it… But this is the point I’d like to make: The Mommy makeover will make you a happy mom, and a happy mom will lead to a happy family; Simple as that.

Get ready to Rest… A lot

After the mommy makeover, you need to have a lot of resting time. You CAN’T be running after toddlers, taking long baths, getting dressed up all the time, etc…

All you should do is just relax and take nice break from life. DO NOT jump back into things to early. Don’t fall into this temptation – If you do, you might get injured and will regret everything you just went through for the surgery.

Now that you know this, prepare yourself to rest. Plan everything out or call us at 818-243-9999 to talk to our doctors to make sure you’re ready.

It’s NOT going to be an Instant Change

You don’t get the surgery then go home and POOF everything changed. You may have bruises, uncomfortable moments, swelling, pain, etc. But don’t worry, this is normal! It will take a couple of weeks for everything to fall into place.

Don’t worry if your breasts look to stiff or your stomach is still chunky… Give it a good 6 weeks before judging the results.

There will be Ups and Downs

Surgery isn’t only a physical thing – It’s every bit emotional as well. Being tired, happy, scared, nervous, etc… You’re definitely in for an emotional roller-coaster! Make sure you’re prepared and call our doctors to get some counseling and comfort.

False Regrets and Doubts May Come up

Almost always women are happy with the final results of the procedure… But as stated before, during the healing process, it’s common to experience some regret and panic because of it.

You have to keep in mind that these are all temporary thoughts you’re having. The scars will fade away and your body will fall into place. Don’t worry! You’ll get through it and find that you’ll be very happy for going through this process and getting a beautiful body and outlook on life.

Getting Started on your Mommy Makeover in Glendale, Ca

If you’re considering a mommy makeover, we provide Complimentary consultations. Just give us a call at 818-243-9999 or email us at info@brandsurgical.com. We have surgeons with decades of combined experience.

Become the Brand New You at Brand Surgical Institute.