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How can Knee surgery help you?

Knee surgery is used to treat different conditions that cause knee pain. When non-surgical methods have been exhausted and there is no relief, surgery becomes the recommended treatment. Brand Surgical Institute is led by board-certified orthopedic surgeons specializing in cutting-edge surgical techniques for knee-related conditions, such as ACL ligament damages, torn meniscus, kneecap trauma, etc. We only offer knee surgeries if conservative solutions fail to provide the desired results.


Meniscectomy involves the removal of a portion of the meniscus cartilage from the knee joint. The meniscus is the shock-absorbing wedge of the cartilage that sits on the tibia in the knee that provides a cushion with the impact. When the meniscus is torn, you may experience considerable knee pain and swelling — but your range of motion won’t be limited. The surgeon uses an arthroscopy technique to remove the torn parts of the meniscus to alleviate knee pain.

Meniscus Repair

When a meniscus tear happens, your surgeon may choose to repair the torn meniscus with an arthroscopic procedure. This may sometimes be the best option for the patient as it could decrease their risk of future arthritis by not having to remove a portion of the meniscus. The surgeon makes extremely small incisions in your knees, fills the knee joint with a sterile fluid that reduces bleeding, and sews the torn pieces of the meniscus to facilitate natural healing.

Torn ACL Repair Surgery

The ACL ligament is one of the 4 major ligaments of the knee and is responsible for the stability of the knee. A torn ACL is the most common type of injury in athletes. ACL reconstruction is performed under general anesthesia via extremely small incisions. Under arthroscopic guidance, the surgeon will remove the damaged ACL ligament and replace it with a tendon graft from another part of your body. The tendon graft facilitates the growth of new ligament tissues.

Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement is one of the most common knee surgeries, meant for patients with severe knee fractures. During a total knee replacement, the surgeon removes some of the bone and cartilage from your shinbone and thighbone at the point where they meet the knee joint. The part of the knee around the thighbone is replaced with a metal implant, and the part of the knee around the shinbone is replaced with a plastic implant. This procedure allows you to move, bend, and flex your knees.

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Brand Surgical Institute is the first woman-owned multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center specializing in knee surgeries. Our surgical experts use cutting-edge surgical techniques to address the root cause of knee pain and help you regain mobility without major side effects, extended downtime, or complications. Our surgeons also accompany you through every stage of knee surgery, from the initial consultation to the final recovery. Please schedule an appointment to explore your knee surgery options in Glendale.

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