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The most common car accident injuries

By April 3, 2022July 25th, 2022No Comments

According to a survey National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over the hurt three million people in car accident injuries each year. Motor vehicle accidents can hurt almost every part of the body, from minor injuries to more serious injuries like internal bleeding, and they can happen at any time of day.

The most common car accident injuries

Impact injuries and penetrating injuries are the two main types of injuries when cars crash. Many people get hurt when their bodies hit the inside of vehicles. This could happen, for example, if someone’s knee bumps into the dashboard, a headrest, or another window. Broken and scratched glass or objects usually caused injuries that fly around inside the car.

The following are some of the possible injuries in a car accident, such as broken bones.

1.      Back car accident injuries

They built the human body and spinal cord to take a lot of damage, and back injuries are common in car accidents. Back injuries can put off the start of an accident. Severe back injuries can cause a lot of pain and disability for a long time.

2.      Burns car accident injuries

A vehicle fires up after an accident or if the skin comes into contact with hot liquids, steam or chemicals. People in the car may get burned. Severe burns may need surgery and new skin.

3.      Internal injuries

There can be problems with internal organs if it threw the body into something or if it hits something that is flying around. This kind of injury needs to be treated right away because it can cause internal bleeding.

4.      Fractures and broken bones

Also, arm and wrist injuries are common. Some people who get into a car accident break their pelvic bones. Depending on how bad the break is, it can be simple or terrible and require surgery to fix.

5.      Organ damage and losing a limb

An arm, leg, finger, toe, or another appendage may get cut by accident and need to remove surgically. People who get this kind of injury can be permanently disabled.

6.      Neck injuries and whiplash

A common name for muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries like neck pain after a car accident is “whiplash.” These injuries can happen to soft tissues in the neck, like when they may hit by a car. Speeds below 15 mph, whether you’re wearing a seat belt, can make your neck hurt. Severe disc injuries and cervical dislocations can also happen after a car crash.

7.      Knee injuries

In-car accidents, and knee injuries can happen if they hit any part of the car. The meniscus, or cartilage, can fail if the knee bends or twists quickly in an accident. It can cause pain and swelling.

8.      Foot and ankle injuries

When someone may hurt in an accident, toes, feet, and ankles may often injure. They can also get hurt in an accident.

9.      Shoulder injuries

People who tie their hands to the steering wheel or dashboard in a car accident may hurt their shoulders because they forced to absorb the force. The shoulders close in on each other and get a lot of energy from the collision.

10. Wrist and hand wounds

People need to break their distal radius in car accidents. This kind of injury may need surgery, depending on how bad the fracture is.

11. Crushing wounds

Any part of the body that gets stuck between two things pushed together can get crushed. Minor injuries and wounds and more serious damage to tissues, limbs, muscles, and bones can happen in a fall or other accident.

12. Wounds, bruises and “itching on the road.”

A broken glass, a broken piece of metal, or an object that flies away can hurt someone. Injuries happen when the body bumps into something or the other way around. People who drag or slip on the floor or concrete make road spots.

13. Soft tissue injuries

There are soft tissue injuries that happen in car accidents. Sprains and strains are the most common.

14. Damage to scars and scars on the face

Car accidents can cause facial injuries because a steering wheel, dash, windshield or airbag hits the broken glass. They can also happen when the face may hit by any hard surface, like a car seat or dashboard. People who get facial bruises may need surgery to fix them, and they can leave with a scar that lasts a long time.

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