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This Article is about 10 COMMON COSMETIC SURGERY FEARS. The human body’s natural reaction to unpredictability is fear. Because of this, if you have cosmetic surgery anxieties when researching your treatment, remember that they are understandable. In the same way that you feel nervous about moving to a new place or taking on a new position, you can feel nervous about undergoing surgery. It is important to follow your instincts. Instead of letting your fear control your decisions, research the following frequent concerns about cosmetic surgery and trust your gut feelings while making this very personal choice.


1. Fear of Unsatisfactory Results

Your surgeon and your desire are the two factors that make a difference. Every respectable surgeon will design a procedure just for you. Make sure to talk about what you want and how practical it is.

2. Complications fear.

According to the doctor’s instructions, pre and post-surgery can help lower your chance of complications. Before surgery, we encourage our pre-operative patients to quit smoking, stop taking certain medicines, and maintain a healthy weight.

3. Addiction-Related Anxiety

There is a widespread belief that the cosmetic surgery business takes advantage of those addicted to plastic surgery. The problem is that no respected surgeon would ever do surgery on a patient who had a mental disorder like body dysmorphia. Our physicians believe that they must be able to fix anything surgically before they can operate on a patient. We have no desire to do any procedures that are not essential.

4. Anesthesia phobia

Fear of not waking up after anesthesia is a typical concern for those contemplating cosmetic surgery. Be aware that you may do most forms of plastic surgery with a local anesthetic. However, if the procedure is more involved, such as a facelift or tummy tuck, we will put the patient under anesthesia to feel less discomfort. In addition, many anesthetic horror tales include patients already ill when they have surgery.

5. Be Afraid of Pain

The dread of discomfort is another common concern among individuals undergoing even less invasive cosmetic procedures like Botox. Be aware that everyone who has a medical treatment has some degree of apprehension surrounding the concept of pain. Even the most intrusive cosmetic operations may be made bearable because of breakthroughs in pain management.

6. Fear of death

Every patient’s first concern must be his or her safety. Here is the deal: hospitals do surgery on the sickest of the sick. As a result, the likelihood of death is inevitably increased. When it comes to elective cosmetic surgery, we make every effort to minimize the mortality risk. Blood clots pose the greatest hazard. By administering as little anesthetic as possible, we can ensure that our patients are awakened faster. To stimulate blood flow, we advise patients to exercise their arms and legs as quickly as possible, as well as take deep breaths.

7. Fear of Being Compared to Others

Patients often conceal the fact that they have had surgery. Although cosmetic surgery patients were originally considered vain, today’s society accepts those who undergo it. We all want to appear our best. Swelling and bruises are expected to last for two weeks after surgery. What do we think? Be truthful with yourself.

8. Anxiety over the Economy’s Stability

You may be able to discover a surgeon that is willing to do cosmetic surgery at a discount. That is OK, but make sure you do your homework beforehand. Following surgery, some low-cost doctors may try to nickel and dime you. At Austin-Weston, we never upsell our patients. We discuss your objectives and how we can assist you in achieving them. The final say rests with you.

9. Apprehension about one’s longevity

How long will my outcomes last? Cosmetic surgery does not endure forever. However, several elements might extend the life of your results. All of these factors have a role in the lifetime of a cosmetic treatment, including your age, expectations, kind of procedure, and how you care for yourself.

10. Fear of gents Cosmetic Surgery

Your particular problems may considered, and we provide you with a realistic picture of what we can do to fulfill your needs.


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