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What to know about Mommy Makeovers

By March 26, 2022June 25th, 2024No Comments

There is a growing trend called “mommy makeovers.” If you have tried dieting and working out and are still not satisfied with how things look, consider this.

Even though this isn’t one of my patients, the author is a great writer. I think she sums up her experience in a lighthearted and honest way. This blog can help anyone who is thinking about having a Mommy Makeover. It can also help them get ready for their surgery!

Mommy Makeovers

Even though mommy makeovers are growing more popular, they aren’t for everyone, and the procedures don’t come with any guarantee of safety. Andrea Moreira, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon, discusses the treatments she performs and the considerations you should keep in mind before having surgery.

1.      As charged – Mommy Makeovers

Many moms put their kids first. There are a lot of times when that is why women feel like they don’t have any sense of self. For some reason, people don’t like spending money on their bodies. They think it’s terrible to spend money on a car or a trip. To some people, that may seem vain or proud. Self-confidence and self-love have been vital to me for a long time, but I had not yet reached them. It looks good to me now.

2.      What to tell the kids.

It was an important one for me. A mom of two young girls: (5 and 2). As a child, I had a bad body image, and I didn’t want to pass that on to my daughters. How to talk to the oldest child made me nervous. The two-year-old didn’t understand. Afterward, I thought maybe that was a little harsh. Sarcasm is in words: When I’m around them, I don’t want to be mean to myself, say I’m too fat, or talk about my big belly. Some people see my workout and make healthy choices. I didn’t want them to know that I didn’t like my body. That’s why I tried to keep it simple.

3.      Hi Dolly!

If you get implants, keep in mind that things may look bigger than they are. In the beginning, I thought to myself, “Holy Mary, Mother of God! What have I done?!” If they were young enough to remember, people thought I looked like Dolly Parton or Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter. It isn’t your last look. Please don’t be scared. When the swelling goes down, the implants can take a long time to “drop” into place. If your PS gives you the OK to start massaging them after about a week, you can start now. When you massage the implants, they will become softer and will be able to find a place to stay.

4.      The ghost of the itch

When you start your mommy makeover, you know that your belly will be numb. It is weird and weird to feel. You almost feel like you are robbing someone else’s belly when you move your hands in this way. I had heard about people who have had an arm or leg cut off and still feel like it’s there, which is called “phantom limb syndrome.” I didn’t know what to do with my belly when I saw that happen.

5.      Sit. Stay. Good girl.

Most mommy makeovers have a tummy tuck in them, too. Taking time off from work is a good idea because this is a long process. I was able to take two weeks off from my paid job. You already know that being a mom is a “non-profit” job if you’re a mom. As a result, we tend to work every day of the year even if we are taking a break from our “paid jobs.” As a mom, I’m very good at multitasking like most of them. To sit and do nothing was killing me. 

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