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Can we stretch the stomach after Bariatric Surgery? 

By April 4, 2022July 25th, 2022No Comments

Two things happen when food comes into the stomach: When your stomach is full, it tells your body that it’s full so you won’t eat anymore. When someone eats too much, their stomach grows even bigger to fit all the extra food in. The abdomen will only get back to its normal size if this is an unusual thing to happen. A permanently bigger stomach can occur if too much food has eaten every day. In addition, your body may not be able to tell when your stomach is full, so it can’t tell you to stop eating.

Can we stretch the stomach after bariatric surgery?

Another thing that can happen when your stomach is still half full is that stomach can make you feel hungry. When your stomach is always dilated, your hunger and “full” signals can get mixed up. Since you may gain weight after gastric sleeve surgery, this could also happen to you.

After bariatric surgery, your stomach may grow and grow, but it might not be as big as before.

Our stomachs can stretch and grow due to how much food we eat. This tissue, called “Rugae,” makes up the walls of our stomachs and helps them stay strong. When food moves into and out of your stomach, these abdominal wall layers move in response.

When overeating causes stomach cramps

Keeping your stomach in check after gastric sleeve surgery can help keep it from getting too full, making you feel full. If you eat too much on Thanksgiving, your stomach will get bigger and feel full. If you eat a lot of KFC one night, your stomach will grow a lot. Your gut is just doing what it needs to do, and it doesn’t hurt. You will make a deal.

Are you interested in bariatric surgery?

I bet you have many different questions running through your head at the same time. One of these questions might be: Will my stomach grow back to its normal size after I have surgery? Yes, that’s the short answer. After gastric bypass surgery, you can move your abdomen around to make it bigger.

After gastric bypass weight loss surgery, you will have a small pouch in your abdomen that you can use as your new abdomen. This pouch will help you lose weight. Food will go here. Because it’s small, you’ll only need to eat a small amount to fill up. It will help you lose weight and keep it off for a long time.

Here’s how to make one for your pounds.

# 1: Don’t eat too much.

Constantly overeating is a recipe for disaster after gastric bypass, so you should avoid it. Even if you decide to spray from time to time, be aware that it can bring back old food habits.

You can drink until your first meal. Wait an hour before you eat again after having your first bite. Your stomach will need some time to break down the liquid and your food on its own.

# 2: No snacks, please.

Weight Wise doesn’t think it’s good to snack all day. Make sure you eat three times a day to get the most out of your weight loss. Don’t skip meals because you’ll be hungry and eat too much after that.

# 3: Always listen to your doctor and nutritionist.

Gastric bypass surgery is a big step in your long-term health and wellness journey. Changing your diet after the surgery is a big part of that. Even if you only have carbohydrate or carbonated foods once in a while, they can hurt your stomach.

After having gastric surgery, it’s important for people who have had the procedure to get back to their “old ways.” A lot of pie or ice cream after every meal isn’t good. By talking to your doctor, you’ll be sure to learn how to keep track of what you eat. You won’t be tempted to have a Thanksgiving dinner and two bowls of mashed potatoes.

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