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10 Super Helpful Tips to Motivate you to Exercise!

By November 20, 2021July 25th, 2022No Comments

In order to lose weight and improve your life, as you might guess it takes both diet… AND exercise. But, of course, most of the time eating healthy is much easier than exercising. Why? Well, simply because we have to eat to survive and we’re familiar with the feeling of satisfaction when we eat.

When it comes to taking time out of our day to exercise, we’d rather spend time doing something else. On top of that, we’ve forgotten all about the refreshing, euphoric feeling that we receive after exercising.

Here are 10 Tips to help you get motivated to exercise:

1. Enjoy a nice audiobook while you exercise. Play the book and head for a nice, brisk walk at night. Doesn’t that sound peaceful and relaxing?

2. Do something super fun for your exercise. Hit the trampoline with your children. Go rock-climbing. Do a race in the pool. Just look at exercise as something fun – Not boring!

3. Join a class where you are part of a group. You will have your workout scheduled for you, which will push you out of your house and to the workout on time.

4. When you wake up, put on your gym clothes, or right when you get home change into your workout clothes. That way you’re ready to go and won’t get lazy!

5. Get a smart-watch that will track your output. You’ll be able to see how you’re progressing and you’ll compete with yourself daily to get better and better.

6. Trick yourself to think that you’ll leave after you warm-up… when in reality once you’re warmed up you’ll want to work out hard instead of leaving!

7. Make mini-challenges, for example: “I’ll do 30 sit-ups today” or “I will cycle for 45 minutes today.” You can even use this site for some exercising challenges that are sure to to make you break a sweat.

8. Get yourself to understand that if you miss a day of exercise, you have to make it up during the weekend. That way you will have to make it up no matter what!

9. Start a fitness journal where you write down how good you feel when you exercise, and how bad, lazy, and worthless you feel when you don’t work out.

Look at it when you start feeling lazy.

10. Get a workout partner. You can hold each other accountable and keep each other motivated! Here’s a new app that helps you find local workout buddies!

Just follow these steps and you’ll be able to push yourself harder. If you’re extremely overweight, have a high BMI (body mass index), and need extra help, we have plenty of tools for you at Brand Surgical Institute. If you need drastic help our top-level surgeons can perform weight loss surgery on you, OR if you just need a slight extra push to get started on the path to your extreme weight loss, we do also provide the OBALON.

The OBALON is a non-surgical system which starts as pill that turn into balloons after being swallowed by the patients. They stay inflated in the stomach to make you feel fuller faster. You can check out a quick video here.

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We love to help you every step of the way.

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