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7 Cool Kitchen Gadgets to Help you Lose Weight!

By November 20, 2021July 25th, 2022No Comments

At Brand Surgical institute, we always want to make sure our weight loss surgery patients (and anyone else for that matter) have the best gadgets, tools, and utensils to aide them in their weight loss journey. Keep in mind, homemade food is, 9 times out of 10, going to be healthier than food you get outside. Plus, if you have cool tools in your kitchen, it’s going to make it much more fun to lose weight. Here are some of our favorite kitchen gadgets:

· Muffin Tin Using a muffin tin is a genius way to cook single servings of meat, for example mini-meatloaf, or use it for a nice n’ healthy breakfast meal with eggs!

· Spiralizer The spiralizer, as you can see here is basically a gadget that turns almost everything into noodles! Some of our favorite veggies ‘pastas’ to make are zucchini noodles and carrot noodles. Also, if you want a light, refreshing snack, use the spiralizer with a nice, large cucumber. For the veggie noodles, just cook up the spiralizer veggies and add your favorite marinara sauce!

· Hot Air Fryer Remember, stay away from deep fried foods! But…. If you miss the satisfying crunch of fried food, we’ve got the perfect thing for you – the Hot Air fryer. It functions by circulating extremely hot air to cook food to a crispy, crunchy goodness. You use 80% less oil, and you can cook absolutely delicious chicken, shrimp, sweet potato fries, or veggies.

· Food Scale (Digital) You can simply measure your food portions and the ingredients of your meals in order to make sure you’re not overeating or overusing ingredients. Here’s how to use it!

· Chopsticks Did you know eating with chopsticks helps you eat slower and allows you to consume smaller portions? Think about it, you’ll be grabbing smaller pieces and it will take much long to eat compared to just wolfing everything down with a spoon. P.S. If you don’t know how to use chopsticks, get yourself a pair of these trainer chopsticks.

· Oil Mister Using a mister to lightly and evenly coat pans and trays will prevent you from overusing oil. This will lessen you caloric intake and make your meals much healthier!

· Kitchen timer Using a timer will help you set times to eat and will indicate to you how much you should wait in between bites. Also, you can use a phone alarm to remind you when to drink water. Read about the importance of drinking water in regards to weight loss here.

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